Reina Imagawa is an artist and designer with a background in architecture, film, and anthropology. Raised in Tokyo and New York, she is currently based in Los Angeles pursuing her MFA in Media Design Practices at ArtCenter College of Design (Pasadena, California, USA) while working on projects in Mexico City as well. Designing architecture for play, she studies play as a form of resistance that not only gives the player resilience but also avenues for transforming existing social relations.

Her work that engages museum guards working in Museo Tamayo (Mexico City, México) populates the contemporary art museum with playful practices. She hopes to challenge the prescriptive spatial agendas of the museum critically while having fun. For instance, she translates the playful energy of the museum guards into design interventions that highlight their individual and everyday perspectives of the museum, essentially working towards destabilizing a singular notion of the role of the museum guard.

One of her favorite projects is Skatelab, a temporary laboratory for skaters that launched behind the museum this summer through which she collaborates with skaters in various capacities. With the support from both the skaters as well as the museum involved, the project has begun producing alternative working relationships between skaters and museums through numerous creative initiatives designed by skaters.